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New York

Quiet designs for a complex world.

Quiet designs for a complex world.

With over one hundred releases since its inception by Taylor Deupree in 1997, New York-based music label 12k has decisively defined and developed the concept of minimalism in the realm of electronic music for two and a half decades. Fusing elements from ambient and acoustic experimentation with carefully arranged digital textures and associative micro-noises, the label’s aesthetics revolve around a precisely-outlined, yet deeply emotional concoction of the technological and the organic.

Despite the startling diversity of 12k’s activities in sound and design, the 12k philosophy has only become clearer over the years. Even though it has occasionally dabbled its feet in unknown waters, favored abstractions over easy references and refused to mark time, the label’s protagonists always keep returning to the beauty of minimalism and the beguiling mystery of an infinite cosmos of micro-sounds. Both in its stripped-down design and music, 12k constitutes a conscious counterpoint to the information overload of the 21st century.